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About Worktempl 

Our Company!

Worktempl is a public benefit corporation, which means that we are a traditional for-profit corporation committed to higher standards of social purpose, accountability and transparency.

Our specific public benefit purpose is to support our local workers by connecting them at no cost to local homeowners and businesses in the Truckee/ North Lake Tahoe community for supplemental gig work, as well as permanent employment opportunities. It has become increasingly expensive to live in the Tahoe area, we are in the midst of a housing and labor shortage, and many of our workers simply cannot afford to live here anymore.

Another purpose is to benefit all of our residents by giving back a portion of our proceeds from membership fees to support our local non-profit organizations.

We are female-owned.

Our Website

Our website exists to connect our local workers -both individuals and local businesses of all sizes - to our local homeowners and employers. We also carved out a spot to help keep our volunteers connected and busy volunteering! We created the Worktempl website as our little way of trying to give back to the community to support and help connect our workers. At Worktempl, it’s all about our workers. This is why we provide FREE use of our website and all of its search functionality to our individual workers. Worktempl doesn’t charge a penny for leads on potential work or take a penny from their hard-earned profits. Our business model is centered around the rest of the community (homeowners, residents and businesses who all benefit from the site) collectively supporting our workers through modest membership fees.

our mission.

Connect reliable, local workers and volunteers with homeowners, residents and businesses via an affordable online community labor marketplace, and enable us to give back to our community by supporting our workers and sharing a portion of our proceeds with progressive, local non-profit organizations.

Our Philosophy.

At Worktempl, we’re here to support our local workers, volunteers, homeowners, businesses and non-profits to keep the Truckee-North Lake Tahoe community thriving! Our goal is to be a one-stop resource for everything work-related. We believe that a strong work ethic makes a good human. We also believe in diversity, non-prejudice, honesty and fairness to our local workforce. We welcome all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors of workers and each one deserves to be treated with dignity and respect in and outside of our community. We also expect our worker members to show the same respect for our residents, homeowners and employers. We believe our reviews will help in this regard to motivate and encourage good behavior and a solid work ethic. If a member of our community is not willing to respect our philosophy in this regard, then he or she will lose the privilege of using our site. That’s our promise.

Offline Benefits

Your membership fees help us maintain and improve our website, expand to neighboring communities, review and oversee each and every post and review, and employ local staff. We hope to soon open a brick and mortar facility in Truckee with a community conference room where residents can connect in person to discuss jobs and bids, interview, use the Internet, make copies, or obtain assistance with their Worktempl profile or resume. This will be provided as part of your membership, which is free for individual workers with a basic profile.

More about Worktempl

We don’t like pushy marketers. We find them to be very annoying. So, our pledge to our members is that we will not call you, or email you, or otherwise hound you to complete your registration, upgrade or do anything else. We will only contact you if any security or account safety reasons come up, or for a known reason such as advising you of our scheduled launch date.

Serving our community through charitable donations

Worktempl is dedicated to serving our community by giving back through tangible efforts. Not only are we here to connect our local members by providing a dedicated space to source work and workers, we are here to share 10% of our net proceeds with our local, progressive non-profit organizations. We believe in building a strong community with a strong work ethic, but that’s not possible without the support system of the many non-profits found in the Truckee-North Lake Tahoe area. We care deeply about our small community and are committed to transparency with our donations and partners. We are partnering with a number of progressive non-profits to express our commitment to help our community grow and thrive.

Covid-19 Response

As our local businesses are starting to open up and more people are getting vaccinated, we still strongly encourage communication between our homeowners and workers or businesses about their level of comfort. We want everyone to feel comfortable when it comes to masking and social distancing as we push our way out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Worktempl encourages both homeowners and workers to wear masks, especially in an indoor setting.

Expansion and other communities

The Truckee-North Lake Tahoe community is Worktempl’s inaugural community site. We plan to grow and initially expand organically from the Truckee community to our neighboring communities including Carson City/ Carson Valley/ South Lake Tahoe; Sierra foothills; North Reno; South and Central Reno. Our plan is to launch similar Worktempl sub-sites for these small communities as well. Each sub-site will make sense geographically as far as typical worker movement, travel and residence. We are well aware that our Tahoe community benefits from the hard workers that travel from these other communities each and every day to our beautiful community to work. We welcome these workers into our online Worktempl community and encourage workers to post in their neighboring communities, where it makes sense for them and their families. We do, however, plan to keep each Worktempl sub-community very small and private because our success is based on small community and trust and the fact that we know our neighbors and the residents of our small towns.

Eventually, our plan is to launch sub-sites for other unique communities like the Lake Tahoe area, especially those that are experiencing similar crises with affordable housing and shortage of workers. We currently have our eyes on a few communities that have expressed interest in Worktempl such as Aspen and Vail, Colorado; Bend, Oregon; the beach communities in San Diego; and the college town of East Lansing, Michigan. We will continue to solicit and track interest from other communities and launch sub-sites where we feel the benefit to the community is real.