How It Works

In Tahoe’s seasonal economy, it’s important for us to help our local workers maintain continuous work in order to keep them living where they love. Our community has become an expensive place to live, and we are here to support our workers first. We also understand how difficult it is to find reliable workers, especially if you’re new to the Truckee-North Tahoe area. That’s why we’re here to connect workers, businesses, homeowners, and volunteers alike on Worktempl.

How it works for individual Workers

Individual workers will always have the ability to post a basic profile for FREE and search for both homeowner gigs and permanent jobs with NO membership fees. No strings attached. You don’t even need a credit card to become a member of our Truckee-North Lake Tahoe Worktempl community.

We do not charge our workers for leads, nor do we take a percentage of your hard-earned profits from your gigs. Worktempl is all about supporting our local workers and we are simply here to connect you with local homeowners and businesses so you can make money. The rest is between you and the homeowner or employer to communicate, set expectations, and make payments.


The Deal with Finding Work

There are 4 ways for individual workers to find work on the worktempl site.

  • Post your profile with your skills and work categories and have homeowners and residents contact you based off searching keywords relevant to your profile.
  • Review the Homeowner Gig & Project posts and contact the homeowner if you’re interested.
  • Search the Employer Job posts for permanent jobs.
  • While creating your profile , select for potential employers to contact you (optional) and have local employers reach out for potential permanent positions or contract work.

If you’d like to run a background check to enhance your profile, then you may perform this optional service through our third party vendor right here on the site. You enter your personal information, pay the fee, and perform the check yourself. You'll find more information about background checks when you begin to set up your profile.

You have the option to upgrade to a Premium profile to showcase photos, connect to your social media or website, upload a resume or more detailed Bio, or maintain a calendar of availability. In addition to enhancing information on your profile, another benefit of upgrading to Premium is the ability to view other worker profiles, and reach out and hire them if you need extra help with a particular gig. To find out more perks of upgrading to Premium, Click Here.

How it works for Volunteers

Residents can always post their basic volunteer profile for absolutely free. There are 3 ways for volunteers to use our site. Users have the option to toggle between having a worker or volunteer profile based on their current needs!

  • Post your basic Volunteer profile with your desired specialties and have businesses, non-profit organizations and other residents seeking volunteers contact you.
  • Use the Find Work button to search for volunteer gigs and events. You can use the search filter to narrow your search to Volunteer opportunities only.
  • View the Community Message Board for upcoming volunteer events.
  • Add the preference that it’s ok to be solicited by potential non-profit organizations (totally optional) when you are setting up your volunteer profile. Then non-profits can contact you if they feel you are a good match for one of their volunteer opportunities. You choose their contact method, for example, email or Worktempl messenger.

How it works for Homeowners


Ways to Find Workers

As a local homeowner or resident, finding qualified workers is simple with our two search avenues.

  • Use our Find Workers search tool.

    Typing in a keyword(s) like “dog walker”, “electrician” or “photographer” will display the profiles of workers (both individuals and businesses) whose selected specialties match your search terms.

    Alternatively, you can pull up any of our 10 work category lists and choose from the hundreds of speciality sub-categories to search. From there, you may contact as many of the matching workers as your heart desires.

  • Create a Homeowner Gig or Project post by describing your gig or project and have our member workers contact YOU for potential hire.

    For example, say you’re going out of town for a month and need a trustworthy house sitter. Or you are looking for someone to teach your daughter guitar lessons. Maybe you’re looking for a licensed contractor to build a deck. Gig & Project posts are the simplest way.

How it works for Businesses


The Inside Scoop

Businesses have 4 different ways to use our Worktempl site.

To Find Work or Advertise
  • Post your Business profile with your desired work categories and have homeowners and residents who match their search criteria with your work categories contact your business.
  • Search the Homeowner Gig & Project posts and contact the homeowner if your business is interested in their gig or project.
To Find Workers
  • Post your company’s permanent positions (full time or temporary seasonal or contract work) as part of your membership fee. You no longer have to pay $25 per post on one of those “big sites”! If you choose, non-members of the Truckee/North Lake Tahoe worktempl community will also be able to view your posts so you can attract out-of-town workers. Or choose to just keep it local.
  • Recruit Workers. Our Find Workers search tool allows employers to seek out all worker profile types based off specific skill sets and level of experience with a keyword and other filtering options. Worker profiles will indicate whether they are open and available to solicitation from employers (for permanent positions or part-time contract gigs), or not. From there, your business can contact the worker via worktempl messenger or the contact information provided on the worker’s profile privacy preferences.

Non-profit businesses

How it works for Non-profit Businesses

It works pretty much the same as a for-profit business, although your membership fees are waived and everything is entirely free!

  • Post your non-profit business profile and have Volunteers read more about your company and reach out if they’re interested in volunteering.
  • Post your one-time or recurring Volunteer opportunities using a Job post. Volunteers can filter their search to see only volunteer opportunities.
  • Use the Community Message Board to post temporary Volunteer events to attract volunteers.
  • Use our Find Workers search tool to find volunteers with certain skills, for example, and reach out to them via the Worktempl messenger.
For all Members

Check out our Community Message Board that has things that benefit our community such as ride shares, upcoming volunteer events, free fill dirt or wood chips, extra windows, upcoming garage sales, etc. You can even type in a keyword to better help find what you’re looking for!

Important note about privacy within our community

Everyone must become a member of the Truckee-North Lake Tahoe community site to take advantage of its full functionality. Why? Simply, to help preserve the privacy and confidentiality within our own community. We want to validate the identity of every member who wants to join our little online community. Eventually, Worktempl will expand to other small tight-knit communities like ours, and we don’t want just anyone poking around our site and our resident profiles. Non-members can view our Employer Job Posts (if the employer chooses this option) so our local employers can attract workers from outside the Tahoe area, but they can’t view Homeowner Gig & Project posts or our Community Message Board or our individual worker or volunteer profiles unless they become a member of our online Truckee-North Lake Tahoe Worktempl community. To learn more about how Worktempl addresses privacy issues, Click Here.